5 Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Are Using Microdosing

Entrepreneurs are master hackers.

We hack our mind, body, and spirit to achieve better ROIs and scale our businesses — and just like in business, we’re always looking for the next best thing.

The idea to take psychedelics and think about business isn’t a new concept. Steve Jobs took LSD 10–15 times within a two year span (1972–1974) and is quoted saying:

“I can say it was a positive life changing experience for me and I am glad I went through that experience.”

Suzy Batiz, founder of Poo-Pourri, created a $300 million dollar empire after several Ayahuasca ceremonies and still continues to use psychedelics to creatively grow her business.

What if this brain hack could be brought into our everyday lives?

Welcome to the growing world of microdosing.

Microdosing, which is the consumption of sub-perceptual amounts of psychedelics, has seen a surge in popularity in the past few years. Instead of full on “tripping,” these fractional dosages induce subtle effects that include heightened creativity, productivity, and a state of well-being.

Tim Ferriss, potentially the world’s most optimized human, is open about his microdosing hack.

“The implications, applications, and medicinal uses [of microdosing] are truly mind-boggling — including psychedelics and other aspects of bending reality.”

He’s so passionate about integrating psychedelics as a mainstream supplement he funds microdosing research studies at Johns Hopkins University.

Microdosing has left the confines of the tech-world and is now making its way around the United States. There are now companies, notably Soul Drops, that offer legal microdosing formulas that can allegedly beat out coffee when it comes to productivity and boost the creativity that amasses an empire.

Soul Drops uses only legal plants, like boa vine, brahmi, golden root, and more, to create a legal microdosing option that is natural and mother nature made. Soul Drops uses a spagyric extraction process, which captures the totality of the plants. This way the tinctures aren’t just a homeopathic dilution — they’re the whole plant, in each drop.

These are the five reasons entrepreneurs are using microdosing blends, like Soul Drops.

#1: They’re replacing coffee with plant energy

Entrepreneurs love caffeine. We need the extra boost when we’re functioning as the developer, designer, marketer, and customer service representative of our business. There is only so much bandwidth a brain can handle in a day and coffee is helping us ring out the very last drop.

The problem here is that coffee is a stimulant — that’s why too much makes you jittery and unable to truly focus. With plant-based microdosing, this doesn’t happen. Instead of drinking an acidic stimulant, you’re taking the active ingredients of plants that functions to improve focus, memory, and other cognitive functions long term.

For example, the Soul Drops MIND blend, uses gotu kola, brahmi, and golden root to increase productivity. Instead of forcing you into a caffeinated state of shaky temporary output, your concentration can heighten while having a sense of calm focus and serenity.

#2: They’re using it as a creativity hack to solve problems

Get the whiteboard, grab the dry erase pens and start drawing. As an entrepreneur, we’re forced to wear several hats a day — and sometimes wear multiple at a time. When it comes to creative tasks like writing, content creation, photography, etc. opening your creative side means less time spent looking at an empty Word document and more time spent hitting “Publish” on your article.

The Soul Drops COSMOS blend was originally developed to promote lucid dreaming, but as popularity increased, entrepreneurs found themselves taking it during the day to boost creativity.

Different from using THC for creativity, abuelo sanango, vilcacora, taheebo, and wild rue don’t make you feel tired or like seeing what’s inside of the fridge. They promote self awareness and in turn, business awareness to solve problems with creative solutions.

#3: They’re using it to balance their left and right brain

The left hemisphere of our brain is logistical. It’s the voice that tells us to make an Excel spreadsheet, to schedule the quarterly team meetings, and to tape our KPIs to our bedroom ceiling so it’s the first thing we see in the morning.

The right hemisphere of our brain is creative. It’s our gut instinct, our self reflection practice, and the part of us that wants to have a bigger impact in the world.

In business, it’s a coalition of left and right brain that makes powerhouse entrepreneurs. Steve Jobs, was thinking with this left brain when he rejoined Apple and told them to only offer a handful of products. He was thinking with his right brain when he sat cross-legged, facing the wall meditating before the keynotes that changed the tech industry forever.

The Divine Duo is a two Soul Drop microdosing option that plays off of yin and yang energy. The SOL blend, the yang, is masculine energy best taken during left brain heavy working hours. Paired with our femine energy LUN, the yin energy is designed for those slower moments when the right brain needs to activate for guidance and self awareness.

#4: They’re using it to raise their emotional intelligence (EQ)

Suzy Batiz hacked her way to a $300+ million dollar empire by switching her focus from her external world to her internal one. Her Ayahuasca ceremonies were initially based around personal development and working through the past experiences that had left her depressed and feeling purposeless. After going full force on inner-work, she came up with the idea for Poo-Pourri and built the business without acquiring any debt or investors.

The Soul Drops LUN formula is an EQ supporting blend that uses feminine energy to open us up spiritually. When used to read, reflect, meditate, and journal Lun supports the integration of mind, body and spirit to raise our EQ and make us more effective entrepreneurs.

#5: They’re using it to optimize their entire day to boost their mood, relax at night, and sustain self awareness

A busy day as an entrepreneur requires you to be more than your most productive self — you also need to feel good, stay connected to your gut instincts, and be able to fall asleep when you finally get to bed.

Getting on the phone with a potential client when in an elevated mood can make the deal. The SOL blend is the joy inducing, energy boosting formula for keeping you happy and motivated (as an entrepreneur my too, I know you all don’t always wake up in this mindset).

Making quick decisions to schedule meetings, delegate, choose SaaS programs, etc. is a daily entrepreneurial task. If you know when and where everything needs to get done and can work from your instinct, you can get things done at double the time of somebody that spends days making a decision. The COSMOS blend is for entrepreneurs who need to stay connected to instinct and are the driver for making the key decisions.

And lastly, a busy day doesn’t mean you fall asleep as soon as your head meets your pillow. Passion driven entrepreneurs that can’t turn their mind off use LUN to help transition from day to night energetically and induce relaxation for the evening.

All Soul Drops blends are designed to be taken routinely: SOL in the morning, MIND during the day, LUN in the evening, and COSMOS right before bed, or when needed for a creative boost.

Tim Ferriss, Suzy Batiz, and Steve Jobs hacked the system. They used psychedelics to see what other entrepreneurs couldn’t. Tim, Suzy and many more entrepreneurs and business leaders still use psychedelics to increase their ROI and hack their own minds to become better entrepreneurs.

Find the Soul Drops blend for you here.