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SOUL DROPS are powerful herbal supplements made from sacred plants to promote holistic wellness. Created by renowned shamanic healer and herbalist, Fabian Piorkowsky, SOUL DROPS use traditional healing plants and an ancient spagyric process to offer all-natural, legal, safe microdosing. With only a few drops per day, these potent plant essences can help you feel better, more balanced, connected, energetic, focused, creative, inspired, calm, relaxed, intuitive, and integrated.

Fabian PiorkowskyHand-made in small batches, SOUL DROPS are infused with powerful shamanic energy through potent alchemy. Fabian’s unique background combines western science with ancient shamanic practice and other healing modalities. His education includes medicine, chemistry, physics and multiple shamanic lineages.. Fabian’s extensive knowledge of plants and original methodology are a reflection of his intensive training with dozens of indigenous plants. Known as ‘dietas,’ this extraordinary botanical study involves isolated focus on each plant for months at a time to literally eat, sleep, breathe and connect with its spirit. This intimate knowledge of the sacred plants and deep dedication to helping people enables Fabian to deliver a product unlike anything else available. In the past three decades, his sacred plant formulas have transformed the lives of thousands of people.

Fabian was the first to develop a process for alchemical microdosing with sacred plants. Now he has taken this approach to the next level by using an alchemical spagyric process to deliver an exclusive wellness experience. For the past 5 years he has refined his plant formula for microdosing. He was called to develop this new method of sacred plant work to help people who either can’t attend ceremonies or want to work with the master plants at home for more self-healing and integration between ceremonies. By using an ancient alchemical spagyric process, he has been able to create a natural, legal, safe botanical microdosing that anyone can use to feel better, increase energy, improve concentration, enhance creativity, balance mood, relax, and sleep more easily. Fabian created the product to enable people to have a daily practice with the master plants for self-healing and overall wellness. SOUL DROPS is intended to be used as part of a healthy-living regime along with a primarily plant-based diet, exercise, and meditation. Fabian’s life mission is to empower people to work with sacred plants for self-healing. Now even more people can experience the benefits of these amazing plants because SOUL DROPS can be used at home by people who traditionally couldn’t attend ceremonies due to mental or physical health problems, advanced age, medications, drug addictions, time constraints, resistance, or cost.


Our mission is to empower people to achieve energetic balance, integration and optimization of mind+body+spirit through sacred plant supplements and other positive life products.

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We are committed to ethical business practices and donate 10% of our profits to charity.