How You Can Impact Global Consciousness Through Deeper Meditation

From 2007–2010 thousands of high-level practitioners of meditation gathered together every day to meditate as a group.

This was done to fulfill the hypothesis that if 1% of the world’s population were to meditate, it would create a massive shift of peace and prosperity. After three years of these consistent large scale meditation gatherings, the U.S. national homicide rate dropped 21%, and the violent crime rate dropped 18% as compared to the previous 5 years of data.

The statistical chance that this represents a natural dip in crime is about 1 in a billion. Additionally, this massive reduction in violent crimes from 2007 through 2010 reflects the first time since World War II in which violent crime did not rise during a significant economic downturn.

This experiment, where thousands of meditators gathered to have an impact on violent crime, has been repeated several times in the 1970s, 1980, and 1990s. Each time had similar results with violent crime and homicide drastically dropping.

This statistical evidence lends credence to the ancient idea of collective consciousness.

If consciousness is shared by everyone in the world, then by enough people positively changing their state, it can affect the whole of the world’s consciousness. By altering our consciousness and creating a stronger sense of inner peace, we are adding to the global evolution and revolution of peace.

Not only do our actions and interactions become more powerful when we cultivate a state of inner peace, but we add to the change of global consciousness expansion.

The most important thing any individual can do is cultivate a strong sense of inner peace through advancing consciousness. This can be through mindfulness, or meditation, even through changing the way we deal with day to day life, or, as Mother Teresa once said:

 “Do small things with great love.” 

One powerful and easy way we can consistently enhance our consciousness is through the use of sacred plants such as Ayahuasca which has been used in indigenous cultures for thousands of years for spiritual expansion. These robust spiritually advanced plants are now available as microdosing tinctures called Soul Drops.

If you’re not familiar with microdosing, it’s the practice of taking small amounts of nutritionally dense and alchemically potent super plants.

Soul Drops are safe, non-psychoactive, and effective at elevating consciousness to cultivate a sense of inner wellness and peace. You can take Soul Drops in the morning before you meditate and then drive to work feeling at peace, comfortable and centered. You can then use Soul Drops at night to wind down from a long day and ease into sleep. Some sacred plant microdosing tinctures can even help you to lucid dream.

The state of your consciousness is the single most significant factor of you living a good life.

We now know that your inner state not only affects the quality of your life but the quality of this shared planet and shared consciousness. So begin by venturing inward, clearing away the muck, and elevating yourself to create a more peaceful, joyful world.